Your Slice of the Internet Pie! Why Have A Website?

A website is a cost effective way to advertise.
After the initial set up costs, it costs very little to maintain.

Your site gives you the opportunity to promote your business 24/7 to prospective customers providing:

    • Trading hours
    • Contact information - email, phone, fax and address (if necessary)
    • A interactive Google map showing your location
    • Detailed, up to date information about products or services
    • Possibly an online shop
    • How to purchase - whether or not you take credit cards EFPOS Paypal etc.
    • Customer testimonials (increasingly important for online businesses)

The amount of information provided by a website about YOUR business is far more than can be provided by an expensive Yellow Pages entry or a newspaper ad. Although these mediums can still be worthwhile, particularly if the ad contains your internet address,

On your website your prospective customers can quickly see all the information they need to be confident that your product or service is what they are looking for.

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